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The Joe Versus The Volcano List; Bad Albums By Reputable Artists

February 1, 2010

Every artist has that at least one embarrassing piece that makes them cringe. It’s the same embarrassment you feel when your mom shows your significant other your naked baby pictures. It happens a lot in music. Sometimes an established artist will try something new that just doesn’t work, or they really need the money....
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Editor’s Ramblings

New Look, Same Magazine

In the immortal words of the Brady kids:

When it's time to change, then it’s time to change
Don't fight the tide, come along for the ride, don't you see
When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange
Who you are into what you're gonna be

With the help of writer and webmaster Ian Shane, we have given ourselves a makeover. It was surprisingly easy and relatively painless. On the inside, we are still the same magazine. On the outside, we are slightly more fabulous.

Praxis takes pride in featuring established and up-and-coming writers. We are always looking for new material and fresh voices. Check out our submission guidelines to get an idea of the kind of work we are looking for, and peruse our stories to get a feel for what we like.

We update our content regularly, so read voraciously and check back often.


Andie Ryan