March 1, 2016

I imagine it was pretty tough
to be a sixteenth-century Italian prince
with the incessant threat of foreign invasion
and the constant chatter of domestic intrigue
city-states plotting – one against the other
each man angling for his neighbor’s throne
one minute you’re strolling the palace garden
just appreciating some armless statues
and the next you’re evading assassination
at the hands of Agathocles the Sicilian
seems an awful lot of stress to endure
for the honor of hosting the opening
of Michelangelo’s latest exhibit
in the atrium of your palace

Craig Patrick is a Washington, DC-area musician and English teacher.  When not working on poetry or trying to convince his students of its importance, he writes and records songs under the name Giants of Diving.


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New Look, Same Magazine

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Who you are into what you're gonna be

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