MASALA POETRY by Prerna Bakshi

June 16, 2015

This poem will have everything.

This poem will have all the ingredients.

This poem will cover it all.

Longing, separation, sorrow, humor, satire, desire,

Love, music, nature, relationships, relationships gone astray,

Motivation, inspiration, education, agitation, recovery

Mystery, drama, suspense – Or at least it would have,

Had I not ruined it for you.

Now this poem just reads like some random words

All clumped together making no sense.

Oh, but let me tell you this.

Much to your disappointment,

It’s poetry. Alright.


(Sort of like that desperate attempt in the game of scrabble,

When you know the word you just made,

When looked up in a dictionary,

Means: a load of horse shit,

But you risk it anyway.)

Oh, it’s poetry.


Prerna Bakshi is a Macao-based writer. Her poetry’s been published, or is forthcoming, in Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Red Fez, Muse India, Postcolonial Text, Theory in Action, Hysteria, Misfit magazine, Grey Sparrow Journal, Asahi Shimbun, Your One Phone Call|Poetry with a knife edge!, Bottle rockets, Kabul Press etc. Twitter: @bprerna

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