September 10, 2017

Bosoms, bellies, quim and bum —
where do these ribald terms come from?;
aye, bubbies, navels, underpants —
how are gents so expert bechance?;
are men forever swiving maids,
or idling fanfaronades?;
are dudes out wenching flagante,
or gasconading vapidly?;
it might appear each minute of
our days and nights are doing love;
at least locution would suggest
most of our weeks are spent undressed;
is fortune really such a bawd,
or is this mere rodomontade?;
it seems men, judging by their text,
are always jolly having sex;
most lusty scholars, as a rule,
have ample tales told out of school;
but, as I know, by my own cock,
most carnal knowledge is just talk.


Finding the 21st century démodé, Craig Kurtz versifies Restoration and Shakespeare’s plays, illustrated by Anni Wilson. Excerpts appear in Crannóg, Orbis and Penn Review. Visit for particulars. 


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