POEMS OF MINDFULNESS AND ANNOYANCE By Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273), with Eric Muller (1962-)

January 26, 2017

Be warmed with love, for only love exists.

Where is intimacy except in giving and receiving?

Especially receiving?

~ Rūmī

When I am silent, I fall into a place where everything is music.

When you are silent I can actually hear it.

Am I being clear?

~ Rūmī

What we speak becomes the house we live in.

So say something like “A-frame at Telluride.” Is my advice.

~ Rūmī

Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing

and right doing is a field…

…I’ll meet you there

With the case of Rolexes.

~ Rūmī

Learn to speak by listening.

Hey! I said


~ Rūmī

You have said what you are.

I am what I am.

Your actions in my head,

my head here in my hands

with something circling inside.

I have no name for what circles so perfectly…

“Perseveration” maybe?

~ Rūmī

Hidden from all I will speak to you without words.

No one but you will hear my story, even if I tell it in the middle of the crowd.


No, CROWD.  With an “r.”

~ Rūmī

A Great Silence overcomes me,

and I wonder why I ever thought

to use language.

And all this in ancient Persian!

Ironic, right?

~ Rūmī

I will whisper secrets in your ear, just nod yes and be silent.

Like the one about how dumb people look when they silently nod.

Ha! See what I did there?

~ Rūmī

Silence is the language of god,

all else is poor translation.

Be quiet as very much that you hear a needle falling.

~ Rūmī


Eric Muller is a law professor in North Carolina.  He writes books and articles about the Japanese American internment in World War II.  He practices meditation, mostly because he keeps getting it wrong, and has a meditation app on his phone that will not stop feeding him the poetry of Jelaluddin Rūmī.


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