December 14, 2016

All the extra weight
of near victims,
and Lois Lane
when he lands.
I wonder about his knees,
his narrow hips,
the impact
on tights and trunks
that don’t tear or stretch
when he quickly turns.
I envy his bloodlessness,
his impermeable flesh
and resistant polyester.

King Arthur’s armor
was the worse for wear,
his skin fair game
for foins and thrust;
the scabbard’s magic healed
not quite the same
as left untouched.

I’d rather have a cape
and fly,
lift the pressure
off of joints.
Still, lacking wings,
I choose to run.
Superheroes show
forward motion
is its own relief.


Sandy Feinstein’s poems have appeared most recently (2015-2016) in Freshwater (print), Tau (print & online), and Gyroscope (online), among others. Most of the time, she enjoys writing of all kinds.


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