THE NIGHT IS A SEA by Michael ‘Wudz’ Ochoki

November 4, 2016


the night is a sea
and stars are memories of mary, sly, black pearl, and our child: the brightest star
in a cloud

the night is an apology:

sly: i’m sorry for becoming a knife and a coward
pearl: i’m sorry for becoming an eye for an ‘i’
mom: hello, it’s me. i bear your father’s name like a birthmark. he was a rock,
had bigger feet and longer fingers. i’m told, artists have longer fingers so as to
mould anything out of clay, like god.


nights like this, arabic songs scissor the night into shreds of abstract syllables


the wind smells of mirrors. it’s the fragrance of heaven seething through the
windows of stars.

the wind is jazz, a duvet – a smoke of high grade weed from god’s lungs.


save for the lull of crickets, a boy and a girl giggling, a loud snore, the neigh of
a horse…it’s a calm night; i almost stretch out my arms to swim in the


i brew
i’m told

11.57 pm


…and tomorrow, your shoes must shine.
’cause your feet are made of star dust.


Michael ‘Wudz’ Ochoki is a Kenyan poet and memoirist residing in Sudan. He co-founded Eldoret Poets Association, One-Night Stand Poetry and is the editor of EPA annual anthology and the winner of KOLA: African Street Writers Awards. His poems have appeared in BN Poetry Award, StoryMoja Hay Festival, several anthologies, magazines and blogs.

His muse is mysticism, human nature and philosophy. He’s currently working as a journalist and educator in war-torn northern Sudan states.

View his website at

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