PUSSYFOOT by Mary Leona

July 1, 2016

Ah, Mistress Cat, what have you brought me now?
All uneaten parts of the rat you caught.
You played it cruelly, much more than you ought.
Bowels and assorted parts! Take a bow!
You get my vote for best huntress, and how
thoughtful of you its bones and fur you brought,
to drop its remains on my mat just bought.
Plus you give to me the nicest meow!

Tell me, do I need to give you dinner
or have you had your fill of the wild rat
over which beast you have proved the winner?
On your furry head I shall give a pat
just so long as you not barf your innards.
Somehow I don’t feel you’ll be in Zagat!
Mary Leona is the single parent of an autistic, much loved son. She lives in the mountains north of Los Angeles, CA.
She has written over 4,000 unpublished, unorganized fixed form poems (mostly sonnets), and she recently wrote a villenelle.


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